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Limited Governmental Notary Commissions

Limited Governmental Notary Public Commissions may be issued to any employee of any State of Delaware agency. It may also be issued to any employee of a Delaware Police Agency, whether that Police Agency is State, local, county or municipal.

This type of commission must be approved by the employer, has no application fee, and has no expiration date as long as the employee works for the agency. A Limited Governmental Notary may not charge any fee for a notarial act and the duties permitted by this type of Notary are set by the agency according to their needs. The expiration date required by law to be contained on the notary seal shall be satisfied by the phrase “My Commission expires upon office”.

It is important to note that a person can hold both a traditional notary commission and a Limited Governmental Commission. Because a person can hold both types of commissions, an existing notary who previously held a traditional Notary Commission, (such as those commissioned before the Limited Governmental Commissions were offered), cannot renew the existing commission and change it into a Limited Governmental Commission. The notary would first need to decide whether he or she wishes to obtain both types of commissions or only one.

  1. If the notary wanted to continue with a regular commission only, and be able to use it at work and outside of work, the notary could renew as usual through the notary profile. The notary would need to pay for the commission.
  2. If the notary decided to hold both, the renewal could occur through the notary profile, again with payment being made by the notary. Then the notary would apply for a new Limited Governmental Commission separately. The notary would be required to set up a new notary profile separate from the one previously created as part of the application process.
  3. If the notary decided to only hold a Limited Governmental Commission, the renewal would not occur through the profile. Instead, a new application would be submitted for a Limited Governmental Commission and the regular commission would simply end on the expiration date. The notary would be required to set up a new notary profile separate from the one previously created as part of the application process.

For choices 2 & 3 above, the applicant must have employer approval for the Limited Governmental Notary Commission. To accommodate this in the online system, a representative from the employer will be required to complete a “Corporate Application” by clicking here. * There is no fee for this application and it need only be completed once. We recommend it be completed by the person who coordinates the notary activity for the agency as this person will be considered the Primary Contact. Once the Corporate Application is complete, the Primary Contact will receive an email that contains a Company ID number. This ID number must be supplied to every person the agency approves to apply for a Limited Governmental Notary Commission. The Company ID number must be entered by the applicant during the application process and serves to provide the “employer approval” as required by law and also properly identify the applicant as being charged no application fee.

To apply for a Limited Governmental Notary Commission click here.

Notaries who transfer to another agency which qualifies under this category may retain their Commission by having the new qualified employer submit the required request form within 30 days of such change. Click here to download the form required to perform the transfer.

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