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Delaware Notary Public

Serving as a Public and Impartial Witness to the Signing of Important Documents.

Delaware Laws

Statutory Provisions

The sections of the Delaware Code pertaining to Notaries Public are contained in Title 29, Chapter 43, and are as follows:

Subchapter I.  Office and Duties.

4301. Appointment of notaries in general; qualifications; revocation.
4302. Appointment of electronic notaries; term.
4303. Appointment of certain officers as notaries; term.
4304. Appointment of notary for each bank or branch.
4305. Appointment of court reporters as notaries public.
4306. Appointment of notaries for certain service organizations; limited governmental notaries; limitations.
4307. Term of office; fees; resignation.
4308. Oath.
4309. Seal and powers.
4310. Engraving of seal; effect of use of nonconforming seal; electronic notarial seal; notary’s official signature; electronic signature.
4311. Fees for services.
4312. Special fee provisions for certain services to members of the armed forces and to veterans; penalties; jurisdiction of justices of peace.
4313. Commission; signature of Governor; seal.
4314. Official electronic journal of notarial acts.

Subchapter II.  Notarial Acts.

4321. Definitions.
4322. Notarial acts.
4323. Same – Acts in this State.
4324. Same – Acts in other jurisdictions of the United States.
4325. Same – Acts under federal authority.
4326. Foreign notarial acts.
4327. Certificate of notarial acts.
4328. Short forms.
4329. Electronic certificate of authority.

4301(e) provides that “The Secretary may.establish such additional standards and guidelines governing applications, registrations, appointments, and the conduct of resident and nonresident notaries.”

Click here for established standards and guidelines.

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