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Delaware Notary Public

Serving as a Public and Impartial Witness to the Signing of Important Documents.

File a Complaint

When to Submit a Complaint

You may submit a complaint against a Delaware Notary Public if you believe that the notary has performed an improper notarization, violated Delaware Notary law or otherwise failed to properly perform the duties of a Delaware Notary Public.  Note: If the complaint alleges a criminal act such as fraud or forgery, law enforcement should be contacted to report the alleged crime.  Information regarding the outcome of a criminal complaint should be provided to the Notary Public Section. This information will be reviewed to determine if action can be taken against a notary.

How to Submit a Complaint

All complaints must be made in writing.  To submit a complaint, complete the Notary Public Complaint Form by following the instructions on the form.

  • Each complaint must state the name and contact information of the person filing the complaint. (This person is known as the complainant.) We do not accept anonymous complaints.
  • The nature of the complaint must be clearly set forth on the form. In addition, copies of supporting documents must be submitted along with the complaint form. For example, a copy of a document containing an alleged improper notarial act should be submitted with the complaint form.

If you need to discuss your complaint before submitting it, you may call (302) 739-4111 and press 3 and speak to someone in the Notary Public Section.  The complaint should be sent to Delaware Secretary of State, Attn: Notary Public Administrator, 401 Federal St., Suite 4, Dover, DE 19901.

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