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Delaware Notary Public

Serving as a Public and Impartial Witness to the Signing of Important Documents.

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Standards and Guidelines

Guidelines 2010-1

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Limited Governmental Notary Commissions

Limited Governmental Notary Public Commissions may be issued to any employee of any State of Delaware agency. It may also be issued to any employee of a Delaware Police Agency, whether that Police Agency is State, local, county or municipal. This type of commission must be approved by the employer, has no application fee, and […]

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Notary Technology Service Provider (NTSP)

What is NTSP? NTSP is a provider approved by the State of Delaware Notary Public Section to offer a technology solution to perform electronic notarizations (eNotarizations). A single, secure platform has been developed to be used for eNotarization. This cloud-based platform includes application programming interfaces (APIs) which will be used by NTSPs to conduct eNotarizations. […]

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Electronic Notarization

What is electronic notarization? Electronic notarization (eNotarization) is the performance of a notarial act on an electronic document by a notary public using an electronic signature and electronic seal. A notary public who is commissioned to perform electronic notarizations is referred to as an eNotary. Why eNotarization? Today, many documents including those used in the […]

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How Do I

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Fee Information

The table below outlines fee information: Non-Refundable Application Fees   Traditional Notary Limited Governmental Notary Service Organization Notary Miscellaneous

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File a Complaint

When to Submit a Complaint You may submit a complaint against a Delaware Notary Public if you believe that the notary has performed an improper notarization, violated Delaware Notary law or otherwise failed to properly perform the duties of a Delaware Notary Public. ¬†Note: If the complaint alleges a criminal act such as fraud or […]

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Submit a Corporate Application

The Corporate Application is NOT an application for a Delaware Notary Public Commission. This application is used to obtain a Company ID number which is required before applying for a Notary Commission for Certain Service Organizations. This application is also used to obtain a Company ID which is required to apply for Limited Governmental Notary […]

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Submit a Notary Application

Notary applications and renewals are submitted online.¬† If you are not familiar with the online process or have never used the online system before, please visit How to Apply for a Notary Commission for information on the requirements, application process and types of notary commissions available. If you are already familiar with the online process […]

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Apostilles & Authentications

Requests for apostilles and authentications for documents that have been notarized by a Delaware Notary Public are handled by the Delaware Division of Corporations. Please click here for more information.

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