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Notary Technology Service Provider (NTSP)

What is NTSP?

NTSP is a provider approved by the State of Delaware Notary Public Section to offer a technology solution to perform electronic notarizations (eNotarizations). A single, secure platform has been developed to be used for eNotarization. This cloud-based platform includes application programming interfaces (APIs) which will be used by NTSPs to conduct eNotarizations. Every commissioned Delaware eNotary must sign up with an approved NTSP and utilize its services in order to perform eNotarization.

What are the requirements and process to become an NTSP?

Delaware’s e-Notary Services Administrator, Veroha Inc, administers the application process. Requirements and application information can be found in the Notary Technology Service Provider (NTSP) Guide (pdf). For information or assistance with the application process, please contact Veroha Inc. Please visit their website for information.

Where do I find a list of the approved NTSPs?

Currently there are no approved NTSPs. As approvals occur in the months ahead, a link to a list of approved NTSPs will be provided on this website.

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