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Delaware Notary Public

Serving as a Public and Impartial Witness to the Signing of Important Documents.

Important Information for Delaware Notaries

Companies considering to be an Approved Technology Provider for Remote and/or Electronic/IPEN Notarization, please email

Effective August 1, 2023, A Notary Public commissioned in the State of Delaware will be able to request the ability to perform notarial acts via remote or electronic means.  Acts will need to be performed using technologies approved by the State of Delaware Notary Department and will be listed here.  Notaries wishing to provide Remote or Electronic services can request privileges through their Notary Profile.

Journal Requirements: Your notary journal is the official record of the notarial transaction. The information required to be entered into the journal is the same for both paper and electronic journals – only the method of recording is different.  Journal Requirements can be found here.

Additional information can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions page.